Worship Service ~ May 22, 2011

Second Baptist Church, Edmeston, NY
Sunday Worship Service May 22, 2011 


Call to Worship
Invocation Prayer

Choir Anthem

Chorus:  “Cares Chorus”
Hymn:  “He Hideth My Soul,” #496

Bible Reading:  Psalm 37:1-11

Children’s Lesson

Doxology, #625

Praises and Prayer Requests

Sermon:  “Rest in the Lord”

Closing Hymn:  “Near to the Heart of God,” 497


Requests for Prayer:

Our Youth                                           Our Nation and its Leaders 

Our Military and their families           The Unsaved

Doris Palmer & family                        Dan Zimmerman & family

Linda Brazee                                     Jeff Reno and family

May Focus:                Dan & Betty Zimmerman


Please send your announcements to Darlene @ skipndar@gmail.com by Friday night to make the Sunday bulletin.  This will not only save time during the service but will also allow folks to take your info home in black and white.  Also, please give your email address to Dave Green or Darlene Camenga to sign up to receive email updates regarding church meetings updates and/or activities.


Today                                    May 22, 2011 

  9:30 am                    Sunday School for all ages

11:00 am                    Sunday Worship Service

Monday                     May 23 2011 

  7:00 pm                    Bible Study @ Gloria Robinson’s

Wednesday              May 25, 2011

  9:30 am                    Bible Study @ West Hill Terrace

  1:00 pm                    Bible Study @ Palmer’s

  7:00 pm                    Truth Project at the Parsonage

Thursday                  May 26, 2011

    7:30 pm                  Choir Practice

Sunday                      May 29, 2011

  9:30 am                    Sunday School for all ages

11:00 am                    Sunday Worship Service


Spring At Last
April tiptoes through the trees on purple lilac scented breeze.

Tulips greet her with a grin, and lift their cups to let her in.

She sprinkles dew on verdant hills  and dances around daffodils.

She welcomes robins on her way,  their bright red breasts on full display.

She rambles by the rustic fence  where roses promise opulence.

She showers drops of silver rain  that tap upon my window pane.

Enchanting gifts of green and gold  before my awe-filled eyes unfold.

And every living breathing thing  knows now at last that it is Spring.

 Bette McGregor



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