Rally Day 2011

This Sunday the Board of Christian Ed. held a Rally Day breakfast to get our new year of Sunday school classes off to a good start.  We wanted to emphasize that Sunday school is meant to supplement what is done in the home to grow in the Word and in the Lord through private and family devotions.  So we set up a couple of tables of resources people could borrow: devotionals, Bible study books, movies and DVD’s.  And our puppet skit talked about spiritual nourishment in a funny way (see attached skit if you wish).

The idea of decorating with dragonflies was rather random – I just popped it off at a meeting.  It was fun pulling things together and hunting at yard sales and thrift shops  and craft stores for dragonfly “stuff.”  A young teen in our church, Kelsey, surprised me by making about 50 Origami dragonflies in bright colors with “googly” eyes.  Very fun!  Added so much to the room.

It was really, really a fun morning – kids and adults made headbands with bug antennae, they tried out my wind chimes, got their hand stamped with a dragonfly, touched the china balls in the “swamp”, enjoyed talking with each other, ate a simple breakfast of fruit, donuts and bagels, and watched the puppet show.  We had 6 guests!  Hoorah. 

Off to a good start.

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