December 15, 2019 (Good News Ahead)

Second Baptist Church
Sunday Worship Service
Children’s Program

“Good News Ahead”
December 15, 2019

 Upcoming Events

Tuesday              December 17

6:30 p.m.                      Diaconate Meeting

Thursday              December 19

10:30 a.m. Community Cupboard Delivery

7:00 p.m.                                       Choir

Saturday              December 21

9:00-11:00 a.m. CC Christmas Dinner Pickup

Sunday              December 22

9:00 a.m.                            Sunday School

10:00 a.m.                         Morning Worship

Sunday              December 24

7:00 p.m.                  Christmas Eve Service


Prelude                                                                                    Logan Lund

Call to Worship                                   Kris and Ardath Johnson

Welcome and Announcements                                   Pastor Andy Johnson

Song of Worship                                               O Come All Ye Faithful


Special Music                             Haylie Lund

Good News Ahead…The Signs of Christmas

Welcome                      Lena Folts, Danny Johnson, Elle Nichols

Prayer                          Gavin Zinger

Closing Hymn                   Joy To The World

Pastor Andy Johnson

Good News Ahead…The Signs of Christmas

We invite you to come along on an adventurous tour of Bethlehem!  Your tour is geared up to guide this group of students through the various parts of a Living Nativity…following the signs of Christmas along the way.



Good News Ahead!

Baby on Board

Immanuel with What a Beautiful Name

Featuring: Sophie Robinson

The Sign of Christmas

Featuring: Harper Folts, Lucy Johnson,

Elle Nichols, Danny Johnson, Lena Folts

One Way to Christmas

Featuring: Taryn Lund

Good News Ahead (Reprise)




Ashley…Taryn Lund                   Brett….Sawyer Robinson

Christine…Lucy Johnson            Kelsey…Harper Folts

Michael…Phinneaus Nichols        Mr. Terrill…Kris Convis

Sienna…Sophie Robinson



Scene 1 Kids                                            Scene 5 Kids

Child 1…Elle Nichols                                  Child 1…Elle Nichols

Child 2…Trace Homer                               Child 2…Alex Hovic

Child 3…Alex Hovic                                   Child 3…Lena Folts

Child 4…Danny Johnson


Sound System: Abbi Johnson


Brayden Belden                           Miles Belden

Harlen Brown                              Kayleigh Brown

Sire Chapen                                Kris Convis

AJ Cole                                       Harper Folts

Lena Folts                                   Gracie Gould

Trace Homer                                Alex Hovick

Danny Johnson                             Kohen Johnson

Lucy Johnson                               Taryn Lund

Emily Moran                                 Elle Nichols

Phinneaus Nichols                        Sawyer Robinson

Sophie Robinson                            Jase Mayne

Lucy Swort                                   Dawson Utter

Leah Utter                                   Lucas Utter

Gavin Zinger


Living Nativity

Mary:                                       Leah Utter

Joseph:                                    Dawson Utter

Angel:                                      Gavin Zinger


Ryker Birdsall

Liam Homer

Liam Johnson

Micah Johnson

Rhett Wengert


Thanks to the kitchen crew for the delicious breakfast and to those who donated food.  Many thanks to Ben Benjamin for the stable and to Belle Tophoven and Lisa Norton for the costumes and background set.  Thanks to Jackie Lund and Tasha Robinson for the signs.  Thanks to all the folds who helped with set up on Sunday.  To Laura Porter and the afterschool program for their cooperation and to all who have helped in any other way.  Thanks to the parents for sharing your children with us.  It truly has blessed us greatly.  Blessings to you and your families this Christmas Season. 

Love, Gloria, Judy, and Susan

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