May 30, 1846 – The Second Baptist Church of Edmeston was founded by 10 brothers and 11 sisters. L.B. Gregory was chosen as first deacon and Stanton Tefft as clerk.

June 11, 1846 – Church recognized by the Council of the Otsego Baptist Association.

June 30, 1846 – Eight came forward at first covenant meeting and were received for baptism.

August 29, 1847 – Elder J.H. Wells begins to preach having been chosen by a committee of three. Worship services held part time in the red school house and part time in the Universalist Society meeting house (SouthStreet). Voted that each family of church deliver 1/2 a cord of wood.

May 26, 1850 – Sabbath School organized. Lyman Gregory first superintendent.

1852 – 34 added to the church. “This blessing so quickened the zeal of the church and increased their number that it was determined to build a house of worship.”

1853 – Church building erected with seating for 250 people at a cost of $1,600. This was a wooden structure 34′ x 48′ with a “tower and fine toned bell.” Building began in May and dedicated “to the worship of Almighty God” in November.

1859 – Concert of Gladness and Glee – Admission 15 cents.

1861 – Purchased a bell and organ.

1862 – Built first parsonage at 10 North Street.

1867 – Church revived by an evangelistic service led by Brother Weeden. Church library started with 150 volumes.

1868 – Fire, limited damage to house of worship.

1871 – 25th Anniversary, 5 of the original 21members of the founding of the church are present. Meeting House repaired. Meetings often record “We are United.”

1872 – Present number of church 115. Church valued at $5,000. The Association report includes this statement: “The greater part of the time we have been favored with the services of a faithful and efficient choir.”

1875 – Week of prayer for revival – 40 baptized. This revival continued for weeks. From the history of Otsego County we read, “The most remarkable and extended revival known in the congregation, or in this town,was enjoyed in the winter and spring of

1875, under the labors of their present pastor, Rev. L. Muzzy. Meetings were continued daily for three months, and were characterized by unusual solemnity, and striking exhibitions of divine power and grace. Over one hundred were hopefully converted. Some fifty were added to the church during that year. Their Sunday School is a present as well organized and as prosperous as any school in the county.”

1878 – Membership 130.

February 22, 1882 – Dedication of new church building. The house was packed for this great event. The choir sang a dedicatory anthem, composed by Mr. Truman Bootman, the organist, for this special occasion. Rev. Muzzy returned from Pulaski to preach the dedicatory message. “The house itself is a gem of beauty 60 by 34 feet, has 53 pews, and a seating capacity of 350. It has a spacious lesson room, a ladies’ parlor, a commodious vestibule, and an orchestra which is located on the right of the pulpit.  The house is richly furnished and carpeted. The house has an elegant spire 100 feet high, a rich toned bell, and is in every way convenient and cozy. The building all told cost around $2,500. It is centrally located in a vigorous, growing, and enterprising village, and the Church Society is one of the strongest in this part of the State.”

1886 – Founding of Christian Endeavor Society.

1889 – Largest young men’s Bible class in history organized in 1902 with 64 members. Home department added to Sunday School.

1901 – The Board of Trustees contracted with Mager Mitchell and Stephen C. Jackson to erect a parsonage on the northside of the church for a sum of $2,258.99.

1904 – Membership 214, Christian Endeavor 37. Church building remodeled and dedicated.

1917 – Christian Endeavor raised money to buy a piano.

1922 – Electricity installed in church and parsonage.

1927- Baptistry painting by Frank Ladd.

1935 – New Hymnals dedicated. Church membership roll revised. Six weeks of School of Religion. (August attendance 189).

1940 – New pipe organ purchased ($2,850) and dedicated.

June 2, 1946 – 100th Anniversary celebrated with three services, 275 in attendance.

September 28, 1947 – Church badly damaged by fire forcing the congregation to meet in the Masonic Temple for worship. Renovation cost approximately $35,000. This project included repair of the fire damage, remodeling of the balcony, extension of the annex to include a kitchen and dining room.

1951 – Nursery and Junior Church established.

1955 – Director of Religious Education hired.

1964 – Holy Week Service for all students.  Proposed Budget of $19,542 (Benevolence $3,275).

1965 – Directory of Services for Edmeston-Burlington Area published and distributed to the community. Family Talent Night.

1967 – Purchase of a Jeep for native pastor Neptune Daniels for his work in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Youth Missionary Rally. Mother-Daughter Banquet.

1970 – Lay School of Theology and Home Discussions. Al Crocker Evangelistic Crusade.

1971 – 125th Anniversary and Homecoming. Family dinner in honor of the choir.

1972 – Crusade for Christ with the Rev. Jake Boggs. Operation Rebuild-assisted Mr. & Mrs. Henry Welshan of Elmira after flood of “72”.  Publishing of Church Family Directory.

1973 – Exchange of pastorate with the Rev. Brian Oman of Edenbridge, Kent, England.

1978 – Otsego Baptist Association Fall Rally in Edmeston. Macedonian Ministry Weekend.

1979 – Church sided and insulated. Dozen Mothers Group support 3 Indian children.

1981 – Share-a-Spoon program instituted. Shared with Area Council in “ Know Your Neighbor” program. New carpet placed in the sanctuary.

1984 – Parsonage kitchen remodeled. Replacement of church roof. Published 2nd Church Family Directory.

1985 – Family Forum – Discussion of Living Wills & Estate Planning. Young People’s Rocka-thon for toy project. Homecoming “86” celebration of 140 years of standing firm in the faith. Siding of the parsonage.

1988 – Jane Johansson Concert. Begin additional Youth Group for grades 4 – 6.

1989 – Theme for the year -Philippians 2:15-16.

1990 – Father-Son Breakfast. Youth Cantata.

1991 – August Homecoming under tent.  Seminar on grief. “Special Friends” – cookout.

1992 – School of Missions, Dorothy Noyes of Japan suggests youth exchange. Adult Retreat with Methodists at Sky Lake. “Vision 2000” formed.

1993 – Hosted Mayu Adachi from Japan for a year. New foyer doors installed. DVBS project “cow for India.”

1994 – July 19th, ground breaking for renovation project. Church schools rooms redecorated. New sign board and landscaping in place.

1994 – September – Jacqueline Mayne honored for 36 years of service as church secretary.

1994 – October 2 – New addition dedicated to John and Dottie Blackman for 30 years of loving ministry.

1995 – Proposed Budget: Benevolence: $11,850 and Local Programs: $72,350.

1995 – March 19 – The Rev. John R. Buskey began his ministry as the 30th pastor of the Second Baptist Church.

1996 – May 30-June 2 – The 150th Anniversary celebration.

1997 – Director of Christian Education hired.

1998 – Adult Missions Trip to Reynosa, Mexico

2000 – Youth Missions trip to Grafton, West Virgina

2001 – Missions trips to Alaska, West Virgina, and The Dominican Republic.