A Time of Expectation

Expectation is defined as,”a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.” We have a strong belief that sooner or later a considerable amount of snow will fall, and that it will happen more than once before Spring. We expect that kids and some adults are going to catch colds and the like. We have these expectations because of the history of however many years we have experienced life on this planet.

The cool thing is that God did this FIRST! Long before you and me, He gave over 400 prophecies concerning Jesus’ birth! It was an unprecedented event! It was something people throughout the ages have considered impossible! All of those prophecies came true on the day we celebrate as Christmas.

So, what does God’s Word say about you? Do you live with the expectation of what Jesus will do IN you so He can work THROUGH you? Read it! Believe it! Expect It!